Jeremy J. Quinn


Member of Rise Industries

30 minutes from here

4 channel video installation and sound performance with 15 binoculars and portable tapedeck/radio/flashlight
Collaboration between Michele Jaquis and Jeremy Quinn (video) and Akira Rabelais (audio)

Video documentation of three drives, that Rise Industries members took around LA, are slowed down and sped up to 30 minute durations. One channel combines the three drives superimposed on top of each other and is projected on a large screen. The other three channels show each drive separately with inserted footage relating to various thoughts one might have while commuting. These three channels are presented as tiny images on 13” monitors. Audience members watch these tiny videos through binoculars that are passed around. They also take turns manipulating a portable tape deck/radio/flashlight that contains pre-recorded music composed and performed by Akira Rabelais.

presented at: The LAtch (single ch. version) 10.25.03, Interchange 9.26.03