Jeremy J. Quinn


Member of Rise Industries

RV Cards

A series of greeting cards celebrating the roving RV neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Available for sale in packs of 5 or individually. 5.5"x8.5" with envelopes, on textured paper.

When I drive around Los Angeles, I always notice them - dozens of RV’s parked along Washington and Rose in Venice, along Riverside in Silverlake. There is usually a blue and white one across from El Cid on Sunset. They are a roving housing development, moving with the posted parking regulations and calls to the police from irritated new neighbors. The blunt, extruded sectional form of the late 70s Dodge Sportsman and the 1964 Chevy Outdoorsman is repeated in neighborhoods all across Los Angeles – a nomadic bungalow typology. While they share major formal characteristics: the extruded form, fat radiused corners, aluminum outer trim, passenger side door, slider windows, obtuse angled wheel wells - they all bear marks of the road and of their residents. Custom details, little luxuries added on to the base model, hand-made repairs and improvements transform the sheet metal boxes into custom homes.