Jeremy J. Quinn


Member of Rise Industries

Mountain Mountain includes tracks from 2004-2009, some are soundtracks to video or installation works, others solo guitar performances or studio sound experiments using a handmade synthesizer, various small instruments, my trusty e-bow and layered delay effects.

The CD is available as a first edition of 100, signed and numbered on the inside of the fold and made right here in the Rise Industries studios. Its super DIY, handmade music.

The CD is $15.00
with 3.00 shipping and handling
1.50 S&H for each additional CD.

Payment accepted from either PayPal or credit card (with no need to sign in).

Here are excerpts from each of the tracks:

01. The Winding Path 1:20
alt :

02. Soundtrack to Western Descender 8:11
alt :

03. Soliloquy 2:22
alt :

04. Curlicues and a Broad Marker 10:26
alt :

05. Sounds From the Afternoon (with Michael Feldman) 10:12
alt :

06. Whale Song 8:18
alt :

Bonus Track: Tetsuo Loses Control 5:30
alt :