Jeremy J. Quinn


Member of Rise Industries

The Hollow Men

Installation of five 5' tall Electrical towers with five channels of audio. Basswood, CD players, Headphones, Lamp, Audio cable. 2005.

"The Hollow Men" explores conditions of miscommunication, impotence and isolation through a landscape of infrastructural lattice towers and digital audio mis-readings from T.S. Eliot's poem. "The Hollow Men" is about being in an in-between state and finding out that is has been our own inability to act, unwillingness to think self-critically that has led to this impasse. Without decisive action, without command of ourselves, we fall into the wasteland. Eliot's fear is a world ended not by the violence of a few, but through the inaction and apathy of many.

The Hollow Men, documentation from Jeremy J. Quinn on Vimeo.

solo show at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles, CA, 2005
exhibited at Stars on Vine, Aiden Riley Taylor Gallery, Hollywood, CA in 2006
exhibited at Dream Green, sideSpace, Pasadena, CA