Jeremy J. Quinn


Member of Rise Industries

Melts Into Air Print

This text piece was an experiment in printing Guilloché
patterns - those complex geometric patterns used on currency and other documents for increased security against forgery - on the letterpress. It took some work and a lot of adjustments, but the final product came out beautifully. The linework is all .5 pt hairline, and the text is simply made by cutting white space out to define the letters.
The print itself is a Karl Marx quote from the Communist Manifesto over the currency/banknote inspired Guilloché pattern. Delicious irony suitable for the boardroom on Wall Street, or at your local Communist Headquarters.

Limited edition 8.5"x11" letterpress print on Crane's Lettra paper, signed and numbered on the back. Edition of 55.

You can grab one for yourself at my Etsy Shop!