Liner Competition

Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, Liner Competition entry. Honorable Mention.

This project was designed to create a minimal intrusion into the space when not in use, while allowing for expansion which can transform the space from gallery to lounge to lecture hall.

The design consists of a two foot deep wood cabinet which lines the space on one side, a simple extrusion of the negative space surrounding the furniture required for different types of events. A module for the project was set using an inexpensive off-the-shelf wooden chair. 101 of these chairs are set into the depth of the plywood cabinet on rods, easily pulled out when needed, and creating a decorative pattern at the surface of the cabinet. Also embedded in the cabinet are a series of plywood pedestals, seating elements, and a flip-down dais to be used in the lecture hall mode. To use the space as a lecture hall, simply pull out the chairs from their racks, flip down the stage, and engage the dais with its notched corner. For a lounge or gallery opening atmosphere, pull out the ottoman lounges, the pedestals and the bar, plug an ipod into the speakers spaced along the wall and open up the sliding doors at the shelves and grab some drinks. The Liner provides a simple yet elegantly clever solution for this small, multifunction space.

Designed at PMA with Pablo Maida and Brian Proffit